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A Great Employee Just Resigned? Here’s Some Do’s And Don’ts

July 15, 2019

When a great employee resigns, it can come as a shock, especially if you were counting on them to stay at your real estate firm in the long run. You’ll probably feel confused, disappointed or even hurt. After all, they kept the team running like a perfectly-oiled machine, and now you are tasked with the duty of recruiting real estate agents to replace them. That being said, as their manager, it’s important to take their emotions into account at this time and remain professional throughout the resignation process. Our recruitment team is sharing some advice on how to approach this process in today’s blog.


DO: Determine how you’ll notify everyone before the employee leaves

Before you start thinking about recruiting real estate agents to replace the employee who’s leaving, you need to work out how (and when) everyone in the office will be notified. This can work differently for everyone, but no matter how you decide to do so, your employee should be fully informed and on board with the plan.


DON’T: Withhold the notification from the rest of the team

The sooner the team knows about the employee’s departure, the more time they have to prepare for what may need to be completed in the notice period. Withholding this information for too long can not only be stressful for the team – it can be a perfect recipe for resentment.


DO: Create a transition plan for the employee

Nothing sets up your remaining employees for success like a transition plan. Get your recently-resigned employee to detail (in writing) the current projects they’re working on, as well as contact details for stakeholders they interact with. If they manage a team, you should have them write down the team’s progress with current projects, too.


DON’T: Give them zero direction or fail to include them

Without a detailed transition plan, it’s going to be difficult for the employee’s replacement to pick up exactly where they left off. Also, during the remainder of the employee’s notice period, ensure you’re still including them in team meetings and events. Remember: they still have valuable knowledge and ideas to share!


DO: Figure out the logistics

A resignation (although it can be emotional) is a process that requires specific logistical steps. Make sure you organise and confirm the following things:

  • Written confirmation of the resignation
  • The employee’s notice period
  • An appropriate end date
  • Their final payments and any relevant entitlements
  • Any uniforms, security passes or technology that needs to be returned
  • Any post-employment obligations the employee must uphold
  • An exit interview.


DON’T: Leave things to the last minute

Failing to organise the logistics can leave you scrambling at the last minute to get everything in order. Poor organisation can also cause unnecessary confusion for the employee regarding their responsibilities, potentially setting up a difficult start for the next person who will replace them.


DO: Congratulate them on their new opportunity

Always aim to leave the employee with a positive impression of yourself and your company. Thank them for their service and wish them well for their future endeavours. Another great way to show your appreciation for their contributions is to organise a staff lunch or dinner, or a departing gift that the employee can remember your company by.


DON’T: Take it personally that they’re moving on

Good employees can quit for a number of reasons – and many of them may not even be related to the job itself. Even so, at the end of the day, resignation is totally up to the employee, so taking it personally is only going to harm your ex-employee’s perception of your company. Instead, remain neutral and do everything you can to help them finish on a high note.


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